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Persuasive Essays Topics for Middle School

Persuasive essays topics for middle school are normally based on controversial subjects that nobody wants to talk about. Such topics touch on debatable subjects that are considered sensitive in society. Persuasive essays topics for middle school and persuasive essay topics for kids may vary from social issues like cell phone use in schools to more serious medical issues such as the existence of euthanasia.
Animal rights
It has often been argued that animals too have rights and deserve to be treated with care, love and respect. Many people who own pets and other animal lovers have often felt aggrieved when animals are treated in a cruel manner. In fact some people are so passionate about the issue of animal rights that they do not eat any meat products. This is all done in the quest to preserve animal rights.
Supporting animal protection
Activists for animal rights have argued that animals should be protected from harmful activities such as laboratory testing, poaching and other forms of cruelty against animals. Animals such as rats, monkeys and rabbits have often been used in scientific experiments as the testing kits for various drugs and even products. Poaching on the other hand has been done for animals which are known to be used in production of jewelry and fur. Animals such as minks, elephants, rhinos and leopards amongst others are killed for certain parts of their bodies that are regarded precious.  Cruel actions against pets and domesticated animals have continued to anger activists for human rights.{ Click to buy research paper help}
On the other hand there are those people who feel that animal rights activists are too sensitive. Such people are in support of jewelry obtained from animal tusks such as elephants, rhinos and lion teeth and can wear mink coats as well. For these people, animals do not have such esteemed rights and as once they are dead their body parts can be used anyhow. Besides these, there are those that justify the use of rodents and other animals in scientific experiments. Such people say prefer the use of animals as compared to real humans in laboratory experiments. The extremists on the other are cruel to animals and may even be unkind to pets.
Animals too have rights
The fact remains that animals too need protection from poachers and laboratory testing. They too should be respected as distinct entities. Pet owners must treat their pets with care and show them love. It has often been said that a dog is man’s best friend because if treated well, it will be more loyal to you than your friends.
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