Thursday, 27 September 2012

Elementary Persuasive Essay Topics

The purpose for writing persuasive essays topics is to put a point across with the hope that from the evidence presented, your audience will adopt your point of view. Elementary persuasive essay topics and persuasive essay topics for students at different levels should focus on prevalent topics. They should focus on issues affecting their environment. Such issues help improve their awareness on their surrounding and sharpen their skills in critical thinking and writing, which is suitable for advance writing.
Coming up with elementary persuasive essay topics and general persuasive essay topics for students
Elementary persuasive essay topics will vary based on the level of study. For instance, you can give a 6 year old a topic like:
  • It is better to play computer games than to play with friends
On the other hand, you can give seniors in the elementary school a topic such as
  • It is more beneficial to help with household chores over the weekend, than to watch movies and television.
The best way to determine the most suitable elementary persuasive essay topics or persuasive essay topics for students in their early days is to be attentive to their free time discussions where possible. Staying tuned to the media or requesting for help from professionals helps in coming up with topics for seniors in elementary school
Elementary school teachers are responsible for assigning students with competitive elementary persuasive essay topics. However, it is also important for parents to assist students to learn how generate topics on their own, in the event they are given the liberty to choose a topic.{Follow link for more essay writing help}
Based on the level of study of a student and the reason for which a teacher is assigning persuasive essays, below is a suitable list of persuasive essay topics for students.
  • You performed exceptionally in your school work. Your parents want to buy you a toy for a gift. Which toy would you prefer and why?
  • Write about your favorite flavor of ice cream and explain why
  • Given an opportunity to nominate a teacher for the best teacher award, which teacher would you nominate, and why
  • You wish to spend your holiday at your cousin’s place, but your parents are not for the idea because you have a lot of homework to do before school reopens. Convince them to allow you.
  • Schooling at an elementary school that is not known will reduce your chances of joining a well known high school
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