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Persuasive Essay Topic Format

The key to excellence in persuasive essay writing is strategy; strategy in choosing good persuasive essay topics and following the recommended persuasive essay topic format. Different assignments have different requirements. Therefore, when given an assignment to write a persuasive essay, following the expected persuasive essay topic format is mandatory.  It can either communicate disinterest or unawareness of the requirements of your assignment. Consequently, you will have a low grade.
Good persuasive essay topics are important because they determine the quality of your assignment. For example, if you write a persuasive essay on a disinteresting topic, you may not have the kind of response you desire. Interesting topics attract a wide readership because they address prevalent issues.{ Follow link for enhanced custom writing services}
In addition to being interesting, good persuasive essay topics should have the capacity to meet the requirements of the assignments within the given deadline. Late delivery of assignments attracts penalty. When looking for good persuasive essay topics, students forget to consider the availability of sources for their assignments. Good persuasive essay topics that do not have sources that can provide good content to substantiate the topic will earn you low marks.
When writing persuasive essays, do not limit your sources to books; journals, magazines and previously done papers are also good sources as long as they are peer-reviewed. 
Persuasive essay topic format
Generally, persuasive essays have a similar format, but it can vary based on the nature of an assignment, the requirements of the university, and the field of study and the level of study. However, the commonly used persuasive essay topic format reflects the following:
  • The opening statement should be a hook. It should be followed by background information after which you write a strong thesis statement.
The body:
  • It can have 3 or more paragraphs. The first sentence of every statement should precisely state the argument. The argument should be followed by concrete fact. Remember to differentiate between facts and truths. The body should also have counter arguments. Counter arguments build credibility to your assignments.
  • Restate the thesis statement and draw a conclusion that will challenge your audience to take the action you recommended.
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