Thursday, 27 September 2012

Persuasive Essay topics For College Students

Persuasive essay topics for college students and fun persuasive essay topics have become so common and many students are now required to submit these topics as assignments. There are so many students who want to get college admissions and they have to choose persuasive essay topics for college students that will impress the vetting boards. When writing on fun persuasive essay topics it is important to be well informed on the topic. It is also necessary to convince your readers of your view point by giving them perspectives from both the opposing and supporting side.{Follow link to read more amazing essay topics} The following is a list of possible fun persuasive essay topics and persuasive essay topics for college students that might be helpful.
  1. Ballot Initiatives
  2.  Medical Ethics
  3.  Juvenile Crime
  4. Medicinal Marijuana
  5. Dating Campus Issues
  6. Medicine Abuse
  7. Battered Women
  8.  Water Resources
  9.  Morning After Pill
  10. National Tobacco Settlement
  11. Language Policy
  12. Polygamy
  13. Islamic Fundamentalism
  14.   Legal System
  15. Natural Family Planning
  16. Weapons Disarmament
  17. Beginning of Life Issues
  18. Physician-Assisted Suicide
  19.  Sex Education
  20.  Internet Chat rooms
  21. Pornography
  22. Bermuda Triangle
  23. Genetically Engineered Foods
  24. Bigamy
  25. Social Security Reform
  26. Foreign Oil Dependence
  27. Social Welfare
  28. Ethnic Violence
  29. Space Exploration
  30. Bilingual Education
  31. Anorexia Nervosa
  32. Biodiversity
  33. Trade with China
  34.  Homeless in America
  35. Transportation
  36. Biological and Chemical Weapons
  37.  Espionage and Intelligence Gathering
  38. Bird Flu
  39. Arab-Israeli Conflict
  40. Birth Control
  41. Domestic Violence
  42.   Body Piercings
  43. Organ Donation
  44. Gun Control
  45. Organized Crime
  46.   Breast Feeding in Public
  47. Foster Care
  48.  Bulimia
  49.  Government Fraud and Waste
  50. Health Care Policy
These are few of the fun persuasive essay topics and persuasive essay topics for college students that students can write on. When you decide on a topic you have to bring out the reasoning of both opposing and supporting proponents. Unlike argumentative essays, you need to use a gentler approach in this type of essay. Like most other essays, you must begin your essay with a strong introduction and write a body with all the supporting evidence. Your conclusion should state your stand and emphasize the main points. 

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