Thursday, 27 September 2012

Persuasive Essay Topics For Kids

There are many topics in our society which are considered taboo and people try to keep them under wraps. These are topics that are deemed as touchy and may range from social issues such as abortion to political war fares. Schools are now asking learners to tackle such topics by issuing persuasive essay topics for kids and persuasive essays topics for high school assignments. This helps to address the sensitive issues through the voices of learners and also get their perspectives on how they view such issues. Ultimately through persuasive essay topics for kids and persuasive essays topics for high school, solutions to grave issues in society can be found.
Dieting is the act of eating little and less often in order to avoid weight gain. The issue of dieting has been with us for the longest time. Many models, actresses and celebrities have been known to diet in order to maintain certain weight to keep in the showbiz business. Unfortunately, the issue of dieting has permeated through society and it is now common to find children in school watching what they eat.{ Are you in need of assignment writing services? Click link for details}
Is it right for kids to diet?
Many young people in a bid to imitate famous celebrities that they look up to are now engaging in dieting. While dieting has been known to help those involved in it to lose unnecessary weight and maintain an optimum healthy body mass index, it has adverse effects. When taken to the extreme, dieting can lead to eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia and many others. Such diseases have often led to other health problems and even death.
For children, the issue of dieting is still very touchy. There are kids in schools who are obese and may get recommendations from their doctors that require them to stay off fatty and sugary foods. This form of dieting is permissible because it is aimed at reducing health risks for such kids.
Dieting for the wrong reasons
Regrettably, the common fad of dieting in schools is not practiced by obese children. Instead of the obese children dieting, many healthy children now begin to diet so that they become more and more like celebrities they admire. When kids start dieting at an early age, they are more likely to get anorexic, bulimic or even face other eating disorders. The fact remains that dieting all stems from body image and parents, teachers and counselors can do a lot to alleviate this. They can encourage children to feel good about themselves and even have high self esteem.
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