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Persuasive Essays Topics on Abortion

Abortion is one of the subjects that have elicited hot debates on its legality and illegality globally. It affects both adults and students in school. Therefore, persuasive essays topics on abortion becomes a good platform that tutors or different examiners can use to evaluate and sharpen critical thinking skills of their students.
Teenagers as young as thirteen are contemplating on the subject. Their parents are also not spared. This is because teenage pregnancies arise from child molestation. As such, it is paramount that persuasive essays topics on abortion also form part of elementary persuasive essay topics students can write on.
If you are a teacher and do not know what persuasive essays topics on abortion you can assign to your students, there are reliable sources from the internet. Since controversial issues generate debate with every passing minute, it is important to stay hooked to the media (T.V, magazines, news papers, radio stations, social media etc) to know the most recent developments on the topic. {Follow link for paper writing services}
In addition to addressing abortion as a possible source for competitive elementary persuasive essay topics, tutors should assign students elementary persuasive essay topics that affect their day to day’s life. It will increase their awareness and help them develop a critical mind. The topics should touch on environment, health, studies, interacting with different persons etc. Below are examples of persuasive essays topics on abortion and elementary persuasive essay topics:
  • Women should be allowed to abort pregnancies they get out of a rape incident
  • It is acceptable to abort a pregnancy if a fetus has an incurable disease
  • Abortion should not be legalized because life starts at conception
  • Abortion should only be allowed when the life of the expectant mother or the fetus is in danger
  • Computer games have resulted to an individualistic society instead of a communal society
  • Technology has more harm than good
  • Reporting to school later in the morning will improve the performance of students because they will have enough rest
  • It is not important to wear school uniforms unless going for a school visit
  • Animals should be allowed to live in their natural habitat instead of zoos
  • Growing in the traditional family is better than growing up in a single-parents family
  • Importance of participating in community work
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Persuasive Essays Topics for Middle School

Persuasive essays topics for middle school are normally based on controversial subjects that nobody wants to talk about. Such topics touch on debatable subjects that are considered sensitive in society. Persuasive essays topics for middle school and persuasive essay topics for kids may vary from social issues like cell phone use in schools to more serious medical issues such as the existence of euthanasia.
Animal rights
It has often been argued that animals too have rights and deserve to be treated with care, love and respect. Many people who own pets and other animal lovers have often felt aggrieved when animals are treated in a cruel manner. In fact some people are so passionate about the issue of animal rights that they do not eat any meat products. This is all done in the quest to preserve animal rights.
Supporting animal protection
Activists for animal rights have argued that animals should be protected from harmful activities such as laboratory testing, poaching and other forms of cruelty against animals. Animals such as rats, monkeys and rabbits have often been used in scientific experiments as the testing kits for various drugs and even products. Poaching on the other hand has been done for animals which are known to be used in production of jewelry and fur. Animals such as minks, elephants, rhinos and leopards amongst others are killed for certain parts of their bodies that are regarded precious.  Cruel actions against pets and domesticated animals have continued to anger activists for human rights.{ Click to buy research paper help}
On the other hand there are those people who feel that animal rights activists are too sensitive. Such people are in support of jewelry obtained from animal tusks such as elephants, rhinos and lion teeth and can wear mink coats as well. For these people, animals do not have such esteemed rights and as once they are dead their body parts can be used anyhow. Besides these, there are those that justify the use of rodents and other animals in scientific experiments. Such people say prefer the use of animals as compared to real humans in laboratory experiments. The extremists on the other are cruel to animals and may even be unkind to pets.
Animals too have rights
The fact remains that animals too need protection from poachers and laboratory testing. They too should be respected as distinct entities. Pet owners must treat their pets with care and show them love. It has often been said that a dog is man’s best friend because if treated well, it will be more loyal to you than your friends.
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Persuasive Essays Topics 2012

Development comes with an informed generation, which calls for hard work and skill to convenience. Therefore, when choosing persuasive essays topics 2012, it is paramount for students choose topics that address current issues, and must provide sufficient evidence for the audience to adopt their viewpoint.
Selecting persuasive essays topics 2012
The most suitable place to get recent and prevalent persuasive essays topics 2012 is the media. That is the television, radio stations, social media, magazines, news papers and the internet. Not one day passes without the media showing a thing or two that different parties are arguing about. Choosing persuasive essay topics on current issues gives you a competitive advantage.
Persuasive essays topics 2012 may require students to convince an admission or scholarship board on their suitability to qualify for a slot in a college or for a scholarship. On the other hand, tutors use persuasive essays to evaluate on students awareness and critical thinking ability.{Are you in need of homework help? Just follow link for details}
In a class setting, persuasive essays topics mostly cover controversial but prevalent issues. For instance, you might be given persuasive essays topics on abortion, reality shows, the role of media in moral decadence, euthanasia, global warming and gay marriages among other controversial issues. The purpose for these assignments is to challenge students to think critically and sharpen the art of presenting logical points supported with irrefutable facts.
Why persuasive essays topics on abortion? Abortion is a global challenge affecting both young and old. Different groups have presented arguments on why abortion should and should not be legalized. As an independent thinker, you are required to give your opinion.
Like persuasive essays topics 2012, it is also possible to get good persuasive essays topics on abortion through the media. The key factor is to present evidence for any argument advanced. Here are examples of persuasive essays topics on abortion and college and university topics for 2012:
  • Carrying cell phones to schools has more good than harm
  • Reality shows are profitable than movies
  • Minors should be allowed to abort
  • Safe abortion should be legalized
  • There is no country that is free from corruption
  • A country has a right to attack another if it a security threat
  • United Nations benefits some nations at the expense of others
  • Introduction of contraceptives has resulted to an increase in rates of abortion
It is advisable for students to always keep an eye on the media. That way, they will always know prevalent controversial issues the society is facing. 

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Persuasive Essay Writing Topics

Finding persuasive essay research topics and persuasive essay writing topics can be a hurdle. This is because they are based on subjects that are rarely spoken about in society. Students who are assigned persuasive essay writing topics and persuasive essay research topics are supposed to select controversial issues and argue their cases out. They are required to convince their readers that their point of view is the correct one. { Click to buy essay help}Whether they choose to support or oppose the subject, selecting suitable persuasive essay writing topics and persuasive essay research topics is the key to excelling in these tasks. Our team of competent researchers and writers has come up with a list of persuasive essay research topics and persuasive essay writing topics that students may refer to in this assignment.
  1.    Abortion
  2.   Condoms In Schools
  3. Teen Pregnancy
  4. Genetically Engineered Foods
  5.    Bulimia
  6.   Human Cloning
  7. Global Warming
  8. Child Labor
  9.     Sex Education
  10.  War On Drugs
  11. Abuse Of The Elderly
  12. Disabilities Act
  13.  Marriage and Divorce
  14.  Condoms In Schools
  15. Breast Feeding in Public
  16. Legal System
  17.  Feminism
  18.   Stadium Taxes
  19. Creationism vs. Evolution
  20. Fat Tax On Food
  21. Welfare Reform
  22.  Death Penalty
  23. Cuba
  24. Dating Campus Issues
  25. Weapons Disarmament
  26. American Education Reform
  27.  Stem Cell Research
  28.   Pornography
  29.   AIDS/HIV
  30.  Single Parent Families
  31. Campaign Finance Reform
  32.  Air Pollution
  33. Women in the Military
  34. Morning After Pill
  35. Arab-Israeli Conflict
  36. Juvenile Crime
  37. Sex Education
  38. Vaccinations
  39. Biological and Chemical Weapons
  40.  Working Women
  41. Cameras in Courtrooms
  42. Terrorism
  43. Prison regime
  44. Littering
  45.   Espionage and Intelligence Gathering
  46. Climate Change Policy
  47. Foreign Oil Dependence
  48. Atomic Energy
  49. Homeless in America
  50. Missile Defense System
These are a few persuasive essay writing topics and persuasive essay research topics which students can use in writing their assignments. When selecting from any of the above topics students have to be observant to choose a topic that they are passionate about. They should also carry out research on the topics in order to gather enough information on the persuasive essay research topics and persuasive essay writing topics. Students who encounter challenges writing essays on any of the above topics can order their assignments from our website. We assure you of quality and expert help at affordable rates.

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Persuasive Essay Topics for Students

Tutors take the responsibility of coming up with persuasive essay topics for students. Students should also take up the challenge because as they advance in their studies, the responsibility shifts from teachers. Good persuasive essay topics for students help to prepare them for advance writing. Writing in colleges and universities involves raising an argument and supporting it with relevant information.
Sources for persuasive essay topics for students
The easiest yet underutilized source to find persuasive essay topics for students is the media. Rarely will two days pass without the media presenting an issue under debate. Persuasive essay topics for students should address current social matters, government issues, national and international issues, health etc. However, the choice of the topic made is based on the level of study. { Follow link to order assignment}
Reliable custom writing services are also good sources from which to find persuasive essay topics for students. You will find free persuasive essay research paper topics, term papers and dissertation topics. The free persuasive essay research paper topics that a custom writing service gives can also be used in determining how suitable a custom writing service is in helping you to write an assignment when need arises.

Seeking for help in getting free persuasive essay research paper topics is good because it helps students in overcoming challenges such as writer’s block, and the task involved in selecting or formulating competitive topics. However, it is important not to rely on them heavily as you might hinder your creative and critical thinking ability from developing and flourishing. 
Below are examples of free persuasive essay research paper topics for students.
  • Government rations should be abolished. Their presence encourages citizens to depend on the government, instead of working to contribute the government functioning properly.
  • The media has had a great contribution towards raising an informed generation. On the other hand, the media has propagated a culture that supports individualism instead of people working as a community. Therefore, the government should regulate the media content.
  • Schools should incorporate driving classes in their curriculum to reduce road accidents, because the majority of road accidents are caused by teen drivers.
  • Not very many students are excellent writers. Other than writing admission essays and scholarship essays, what other criteria can admission and scholarship boards use to determine the suitability of a student to join a college or qualify for a scholarship?
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Persuasive Essay Topics For Kids

There are many topics in our society which are considered taboo and people try to keep them under wraps. These are topics that are deemed as touchy and may range from social issues such as abortion to political war fares. Schools are now asking learners to tackle such topics by issuing persuasive essay topics for kids and persuasive essays topics for high school assignments. This helps to address the sensitive issues through the voices of learners and also get their perspectives on how they view such issues. Ultimately through persuasive essay topics for kids and persuasive essays topics for high school, solutions to grave issues in society can be found.
Dieting is the act of eating little and less often in order to avoid weight gain. The issue of dieting has been with us for the longest time. Many models, actresses and celebrities have been known to diet in order to maintain certain weight to keep in the showbiz business. Unfortunately, the issue of dieting has permeated through society and it is now common to find children in school watching what they eat.{ Are you in need of assignment writing services? Click link for details}
Is it right for kids to diet?
Many young people in a bid to imitate famous celebrities that they look up to are now engaging in dieting. While dieting has been known to help those involved in it to lose unnecessary weight and maintain an optimum healthy body mass index, it has adverse effects. When taken to the extreme, dieting can lead to eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia and many others. Such diseases have often led to other health problems and even death.
For children, the issue of dieting is still very touchy. There are kids in schools who are obese and may get recommendations from their doctors that require them to stay off fatty and sugary foods. This form of dieting is permissible because it is aimed at reducing health risks for such kids.
Dieting for the wrong reasons
Regrettably, the common fad of dieting in schools is not practiced by obese children. Instead of the obese children dieting, many healthy children now begin to diet so that they become more and more like celebrities they admire. When kids start dieting at an early age, they are more likely to get anorexic, bulimic or even face other eating disorders. The fact remains that dieting all stems from body image and parents, teachers and counselors can do a lot to alleviate this. They can encourage children to feel good about themselves and even have high self esteem.
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Persuasive Essay topics For College Students

Persuasive essay topics for college students and fun persuasive essay topics have become so common and many students are now required to submit these topics as assignments. There are so many students who want to get college admissions and they have to choose persuasive essay topics for college students that will impress the vetting boards. When writing on fun persuasive essay topics it is important to be well informed on the topic. It is also necessary to convince your readers of your view point by giving them perspectives from both the opposing and supporting side.{Follow link to read more amazing essay topics} The following is a list of possible fun persuasive essay topics and persuasive essay topics for college students that might be helpful.
  1. Ballot Initiatives
  2.  Medical Ethics
  3.  Juvenile Crime
  4. Medicinal Marijuana
  5. Dating Campus Issues
  6. Medicine Abuse
  7. Battered Women
  8.  Water Resources
  9.  Morning After Pill
  10. National Tobacco Settlement
  11. Language Policy
  12. Polygamy
  13. Islamic Fundamentalism
  14.   Legal System
  15. Natural Family Planning
  16. Weapons Disarmament
  17. Beginning of Life Issues
  18. Physician-Assisted Suicide
  19.  Sex Education
  20.  Internet Chat rooms
  21. Pornography
  22. Bermuda Triangle
  23. Genetically Engineered Foods
  24. Bigamy
  25. Social Security Reform
  26. Foreign Oil Dependence
  27. Social Welfare
  28. Ethnic Violence
  29. Space Exploration
  30. Bilingual Education
  31. Anorexia Nervosa
  32. Biodiversity
  33. Trade with China
  34.  Homeless in America
  35. Transportation
  36. Biological and Chemical Weapons
  37.  Espionage and Intelligence Gathering
  38. Bird Flu
  39. Arab-Israeli Conflict
  40. Birth Control
  41. Domestic Violence
  42.   Body Piercings
  43. Organ Donation
  44. Gun Control
  45. Organized Crime
  46.   Breast Feeding in Public
  47. Foster Care
  48.  Bulimia
  49.  Government Fraud and Waste
  50. Health Care Policy
These are few of the fun persuasive essay topics and persuasive essay topics for college students that students can write on. When you decide on a topic you have to bring out the reasoning of both opposing and supporting proponents. Unlike argumentative essays, you need to use a gentler approach in this type of essay. Like most other essays, you must begin your essay with a strong introduction and write a body with all the supporting evidence. Your conclusion should state your stand and emphasize the main points. 

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